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Recent content by Noloite

  1. Noloite

    Hello, yes I would like to get a restraining order put in place.

    Hello, yes I would like to get a restraining order put in place.
  2. Noloite

    Jthebookworm for Slicer

    -1 Jthebookworm has non-stop harassed me (borderline stalking.) As you can see in the screenshot, Jthebookworm has stalker-like tendencies and is very obsessive over people. These are all very toxic personality traits. I do not think we want someone who exhibits these characteristics in a...
  3. Noloite

    No Plans to Implement Religion Changes

    Not tryna promote my own suggestion, but for reference: https://lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/religion-suggestions.3583/
  4. Noloite

    No Plans to Implement New Town Perk

    I don’t think this is worth the level 25 slot, but it sounds like a great perk!
  5. Noloite

    Olden Zorros Day's and Imperial League

    Do you ever use commas? Just some constructive criticism, I hope I don’t offend you - but this story doesn’t flow well. It’s just a collection of ideas, they don’t really connect with each other.
  6. Noloite

    Post your pets!

    Hello! Just made a thread for anyone to post pictures of their pets - maybe we can have a vote on who has the cutest pet! So I’ll start. This is Misty, he is 14 years old.
  7. Noloite

    No Plans to Implement Balak Vuln Time

    Why not 2 different vuln. times? The current one now at 4pm, and one 12hrs later at 4am? If we had 2 different vulnerability times set 12 hours apart we could probably cover most of the world in those timezones.
  8. Noloite

    Castalina for Slicer

  9. Noloite

    Drew_Doc For slicer

  10. Noloite

    Origins of your username...

    Skrylfr complained that Turammarth was too long.
  11. Noloite

    jibblypop for Slicer!

    +1 jibblypop is very easy to meme.
  12. Noloite

    The Loka+ Resource Pack [16x]

    I like idea of town-specific armour textures, but I just don’t see it working. A-town gets their armour textures (created by you?) added first and B-town gets jealous. B-town submit some custom textures and they get added. A-town is suddenly unhappy with their textures because the textures...