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Noloite's latest activity

  • Noloite
    Noloite commented on Jthebookworm's profile post.
    Hello, yes I would like to get a restraining order put in place.
  • Noloite
    Noloite reacted to Jthebookworm's post in the thread Jibblypop for Sentry with Angry Angry.
    Is this the man we really want to supervise our children? I've had the "pleasure" of knowing Jib for quite some time now, and he's...
  • Noloite
    Noloite replied to the thread Jthebookworm for Slicer.
    -1 Jthebookworm has non-stop harassed me (borderline stalking.) As you can see in the screenshot, Jthebookworm has stalker-like...
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