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  1. LostProperty

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    What do u mean with this just says no to people coming. how would it bring more
  2. LostProperty

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    -1 This will just take away people from the server
  3. LostProperty

    Itz_Abhi42069 For Slicer

    +1 Sigmas chill dude enjoy talking with him
  4. LostProperty

    Loka fight rolled back.

    You guys were having a 6 min warp when it should of been a 8 min <------- proof
  5. LostProperty

    Lostproperty for LCR

    No proof
  6. LostProperty

    2020 Loka Power Rankings

    who pissed all over garama?
  7. LostProperty

    Lostproperty for LCR

    Pardon? i dont recall saying this. I may of a while back but i dont recall saying it,
  8. LostProperty

    Lostproperty for LCR

    Age: 15 Current rank: Slicer What you think is expected of position: I think LCR should be a respected member of the community and who has a great understanding of the server, LCRs should be able to communicate with the community and put there input into meetings and other ideas for a brighter...
  9. LostProperty

    Samisol for Slicer

    For real though great dude worth the slicer spot +1
  10. LostProperty

    Samisol for Slicer

    He likes chicago blackhawks -1
  11. LostProperty

    Suggestion AirShip Captial

    I think if you win Cap you should automatically get it. It use to be a so cool watching people come and go on the airship. Now they just sit there in spawn and don't do anything. I think they should be given to the capital, Its a useless policies compared to the other ones. So i think Caps...
  12. LostProperty

    Suggestion Rivi League

    So sometimes people dont listen when you tell them not to warp they warp. So there should be a command that allows you to remove people from the fight. So people can re request. who are meant to be at the fight can go. Pretty simple idea but would be very useful.
  13. LostProperty

    Ban appeal (zureaal)

    Personally i hate that rule. But its hard to get around. Personally i think that ban should stay. But maybe rethink the rule.