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  1. DisturbedMoskito

    It’s ugly tho imo

    It’s ugly tho imo
  2. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion Adjust Tab List Colors

    I like that. Like a little bit darker shade for people not in your continent. Simple and useful.
  3. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion change town, local, alliance and religion colors back

    Yo actually that would me a super good mechanic. You like the new colours that are less eyes-straining? Good. You don’t like em? There is a toggle in settings in the profile menu to go back to legacy colours. i would see me using something like that and I’m pretty sure a lot of other player would.
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  5. DisturbedMoskito

    Implemented bookshelves

    Yeah we do that, it’s just pretty long to build that way since we have over 6000 bookshelves in our library
  6. DisturbedMoskito

    FroggyFruit for Sentry

    Like sigma said. +1
  7. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    While all that happens, Sandsete just be in the middle of Garama. Join us guys we chillin’
  8. DisturbedMoskito

    Moskito’s Note block Company !

    Hello again! Custom resource packs ! Update: I announce that Moskito's Note Block Company will know put music, any music, and I make you a custom resource pack for your songs, so you can hear them in the game real fast. Super simple. How does it work? So you wake up one day, wanting to have...
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    A wild meta has appeared !
  10. DisturbedMoskito

    Moskito’s Note block Company !

    no I only make the music :), I'm sure other people can help you with putting a song in a resource pack, or you can just search online
  11. DisturbedMoskito

    Moskito’s Note block Company !

    Hello everyone! In the past year or so I have been learning and experimenting with note blocks, creating songs and stuff for my town and just for fun. I thought that other people could want to have note block songs for their town, or to add to a resource pack, or for whatever reasons really. So...
  12. DisturbedMoskito

    Kingdom of Eneria

    Cool wall!
  13. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion More Lore Quests

    I agree. Cool pve lore quest ? +1. Maybe something unique could be interesting, bring some new stuff to the pve side of loka.