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Recent content by ArcherSquid

  1. ArcherSquid

    Suggestion Add a cooldown to how frequently a crystal can be used

    Title says it all, One player shouldn't be able to spam crystals over and over while staying alive. This can be fixed by either adding a cooldown to the obsidian block a crystal can be placed or add a cooldown to the player (either way works).
  2. ArcherSquid

    valentia needs ideas

    a big life sized hamburger
  3. ArcherSquid

    Sixth Round LCR Results

    atomic fartz vital +1
  4. ArcherSquid

    LobsterLarry for Sentry

    +1 bro u got this
  5. ArcherSquid

    Unmute appeal

    keep him locked up -1
  6. ArcherSquid

    FatalDeath for Guardian?

    VITAL +1
  7. ArcherSquid

    No Plans to Implement 35% Creepers in caves

    very vital opinion
  8. ArcherSquid

    Marioistrash (Mardogaming) For Sentry

    cannot be 21 because then drinking -1 no more drunk staff members
  9. ArcherSquid

    batoe unmute appeal

    keep him locked up
  10. ArcherSquid

    lurnn for slicer

    lurnn is a VITAL part of the community!!! he is a good fit for slicer !!!! thoughts??
  11. ArcherSquid

    Appeal follow up

    keep him locked up
  12. ArcherSquid

    ThePigGang for Slicer

    -1 left my town
  13. ArcherSquid

    Implemented TNT Minecarts

    ur just salty cuz u lost
  14. ArcherSquid

    Perma ban appeal

    did his time in the slammer.... +1
  15. ArcherSquid

    Fixed Shrine mobs, (probably) the reason double drops seems as broken as it does

    double mobs aint even worth no mo :eek::eek::eek::maggers::maggers::maggers::maggers: